Forum Rules Th10

Forum Rules and Guidelines​

Members and staff are required to adhere to the following rules to maintain a respectful and enjoyable community environment. Failure to comply may result in moderation actions.

1. General Rules

1.1 Language: Please use English for all communications. If English is not your primary language, kindly seek assistance from our staff members. Threads written in languages other than English will be promptly removed without prior notice.

1.2 Posting Placement: Ensure that your posts are made in the appropriate forum or sub-forum. Threads found in the wrong section will be relocated without prior notice.

1.3 Giveaways: Hosting giveaways is permissible under two conditions: they must solely benefit user-generated content and require permission from an Event Manager.

1.4 Source Attribution: When posting content from external sources, include a link to the original source.

1.5 Duplicate Threads: Before starting a new thread, please use the search feature to check if a similar topic has already been discussed to avoid duplicate posts.

1.6 Thread Titles: Use descriptive and specific thread titles rather than generic phrases like "Hi" or "Help."

1.7 Moderator Authority: Moderators have the right to edit or remove any content without prior notice.

1.8 Please, do not report players in the shout box, these reports will not be taken into account, instead use the /calladmin command on the specified server, or in the topic Report a player in the forum

2. Content Rules

2.1 Spam: Spamming, including needlessly pinging staff roles or engaging in frivolous activities, is strictly prohibited.

2.2 Advertisement: Advertising or promoting external products, services, or websites is not allowed.

2.3 Respectful Language: Do not use obscene, lewd, insulting, provoking, or demeaning language. Maintain a friendly attitude towards fellow members and staff. If you encounter an issue, report it rather than engaging in a confrontation, as both parties may face consequences.

2.4 Threats and Harassment: Harassment or threats directed towards users will be treated seriously and appropriate actions will be taken.

2.5 Disagreements: Civil and peaceful discussions explaining your disagreement are allowed. Engaging in fights or escalating conflicts is strictly prohibited.

2.6 Privacy Violation: Posting private information about any user is strictly prohibited and will result in severe consequences.

2.7 Prohibited Content: Any form of pornography, gore, or similar explicit content is strictly prohibited.

2.8 Rule Provocation: Encouraging or provoking others to violate the forum rules is prohibited.

3. Miscellaneous Rules

3.1 Multiple Accounts: Creating multiple accounts is not allowed and will result in account deletion without warning. If multiple accounts are necessary for individuals sharing the same IP address, please inform the Administrators to prevent deletion.

3.2 Thread Bumping: Bumping threads that are over a month old and no longer active is not permitted unless there is a valid reason.

3.3 Reporting Violations: Please use the report feature to notify moderators about threads and posts that violate the forum rules.

3.4 Offensive Nicknames: Using offensive or inappropriate nicknames is prohibited.

4. Staff Application

4.1 Application Status: Please refrain from inquiring about the status of applications in public or private. Kindly exercise patience while awaiting a decision.

4.2 Available Roles: Only apply for roles that are currently open. Posting an application for an unavailable role is not permitted.

4.3 Application Guidelines: Before posting an application, thoroughly read the provided guidelines and instructions.

Forum Ban Times (d = Day, w = Week, m = Month)

The following ban times apply for various offenses:
Member/Staff Disrespect: 1d > 1w > 1m > Permanent
Harassment: 1w > 1m > Permanent
Obscene Language: 12h > 1d > 2d > 1w > 1m > Permanent
Advertisement: 6h > 1d > 1w > 1m > Permanent
Advertisement/Bot Account: Account deletion
Obscene Media: 1m > 3m > Permanent
Illicit Media (Porn, Scams, etc.): 6m > Permanent
Forum Spam: 1d > 3d > 1w > Permanent
Spam in Conversations: 1d > 3d > 1w > Permanent
Shoutbox Spam: Shoutbox Ban
Multiple False Admin/Staff Abuse Reports: 1w > 1m > 3m
Begging for VIP: 1m > 3m > Permanent
Spamming Fake Ratings: 1d > 1w > 1m > Permanent
Unexplained Multiple Accounts: 1w > 1m > Permanent + Secondary account deletion

Please note that these ban times are subject to the discretion of the moderators and may vary depending on the severity of the offense.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a positive and inclusive community.