Counter-Strike 1.6  / Source- Rules Th10

Counter-Strike 1.6 & CS: Source Rules

General Server Rules:

1. Racism is strictly prohibited.
2. The use of cheats or scripts that provide an unfair advantage is strictly forbidden.
3. Insulting or swearing at other players is not allowed; treat others with respect.
4. Using the microphone to play music or engage in trash-talk is forbidden.
5. Exploiting game or map bugs is strictly forbidden.
6. Do not bother teammates by obstructing, blocking, or throwing Flashbangs at them, except in knife servers.
7. Advertising other gaming communities or servers is forbidden.
8. Do not use team-colors ('Red' & 'Blue') on players to gain an unfair advantage.
9. Using custom textures that differ from the map's original ones is not allowed.
10. Offensive or inappropriate sprays, including sexual content, are strictly prohibited.
11. Using the 16-bit quality color setting is forbidden.
12. Teaming up with enemies is not allowed, except in knife servers.
13. Intentionally stopping the recording of your demo or exploiting a bugged ban system by rejoining the server during an active ban to overwrite your demo is forbidden. Ban appeals based on these actions will be rejected.

Maps with Objectives

1. Bomb Defusal:

Camping is allowed for both teams, but Terrorists must attempt to plant the Bomb before the round ends.
Players must actively participate in the Bomb Defusal objective; failure to do so may result in being Slain or Kicked off.

2. Hostage Rescue:

Camping is allowed for both teams, but Counter-Terrorists must try to rescue the hostages before the round ends.
Players must actively participate in the Hostage Rescue objective; failure to do so may result in being Slain or Kicked off.

Admin Rules

Awareness of these rules is mandatory.​

General Admin Rules:

1. Abusing Admin privileges is strictly forbidden.
2. Admins who have been reported and warned more than three times will have their privileges revoked.
3. Changing the map is not allowed unless the map is severely bugged or 80% of the players (via rtv) request a map change.
4. Changing to banned maps is strictly forbidden.
5. Players who do not follow the rules must be appropriately banned.
6. It is mandatory to provide a reason when kicking a player so they understand the cause (e.g., amx_kick ryt "Disrespecting players").
7. Bans due to personal reasons such as studying, sleep, or time off are not appealable.
8. Kicking or banning spectators is prohibited unless the server is full. In a full server, kicking spectators is allowed.

Strictly Prohibited:

1. Sharing your Admin privileges with others.
2. Changing your player model with console commands.
3. Kicking/Banning 'HLTV'.
4. Abusing your privileges, such as slapping/slaying/kicking/banning players without reason.
5. Threatening players.
6. Banning players with a ping below 140.
7. Kicking/Banning players for using nicknames such as (1)Player, unnamed, etc.
8. Revealing players' location with commands like amx_chat, amx_csay, amx_psay, or '@'.

When to ban other admins and how to proceed:

Admins cannot ban/punish other Admins for rule violations; instead, they should report the issue through the appropriate section.


1. An admin is caught cheating.
2. An admin is repeatedly banning players without reason.
3. An admin is evading an active ban.

Please note that actions taken by TB Administrators are final and not subject to appeal. We reserve the right to remove Admin privileges, without refunding, for any form of abuse or rule-breaking. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt anyone from responsibility.​